Bi Monthly Digest


I hope y’all are getting used to these because I have next to no time to publish actually good blog posts. Anyways the menial stats update along with some very fresh and exciting news!

107 likes on Facebook (growth is better than none right?)

760 followers on Twitter (I think the 800 level is hard to hit).

Now for the really exciting stuff:

Operation Hammer has been described as, “A short science fiction novel, filled to the brims with fast pace action, diverse characters, mythical creatures and present day technology.” by the good folks over at Online Book Club.
It looks like we are available in many online bookstores thanks to CreateSpace and SmashWords.

Also just a few minutes ago I sent the first draft of Dogs, Cats, and Future of Humanity off to the editor! I’m so excited to be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel for my second full length novel! No release dates are set but we are looking forward to an April release.

That’s all for this digest but thank you so much for reading!


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Bi Monthly Digest


Well this update is coming about a month late, but January has been a very busy month for me filled with some setbacks but I do have some legitimate and exciting news for my dear readers! First off the usual stat update.

104 likes on Facebook (went down one because Facebook page has been a little unkept)

734 followers on Twitter (My rate of change has gone down from my last two updates but still 100 + more is better)

Your juicy news is served in a blog post:

Operation Hammer edition 1.5 is now available for sale via Kindle, CreateSpace, and Smashwords! Amazon in print form will be available in 5 to 7 days. Things to look for: much better POV, fixed plot holes, clarity is increased, decreased rambling, and fixed grammar issues. All the appropriate links are under the books page by Operation Hammer. Also distribution via CreateSpace’s Expanded Distribution has been widened to include libraries and bookstores, but do not get your hopes up it takes 6 to 8 weeks for my book to appear and there is no guarantee you can go to your local store and pick it up.  For the disappointing news: I have not had time to finish Dogs, Cats, and the Future of Humanity. So the February release date is now unattainable. I can not make any promises so be tuned for the next update (might even have it before 2 months!) to see when the novel will hit the internet.

Thanks for reading!

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Bi-Monthly Digest

Hello all!

Yeah this post is coming a bit late partly because I’ve been really busy with NaNoWrimo, writing, Book N Tech, new stuff (as seen below), and school. I mean did y’all really expect an author to keep his blog up to date?

Well for the stats:

105 Facebook likes (not much really changed there)

650 followers on Twitter (nice and explosive soon to be at 1,000!)

Now for the juicy stuff. The amazing Massimo Battaglia an Italian artist responsible for the Gymbot and boompack decided to make me an awesome science fiction cover! Since you my dear readers are nice people I will show you a low resolution version of what appears to be the final cover choice!

Dogs, Cats, Future of Humanity cover

Since it is NaNoWrimo I should be finishing Dogs, Cats, and the Future of Humanity by November 30th and well general availability is slated for January – February 2014 alongside a brand new highly edited version of Operation Hammer. Obviously stay tuned to the next bi-monthly digest, possibly a blog post (Oh my God right?) and some other goodies!


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Bi Monthly Digest


Well I know I’m not good at the whole blogging thing on the site (busy on other projects and things) but here is the promised Bi-Monthly stat update.

At 102 on Facebook page likes

443 Twitter followers

No new other interactions.

Some news:

Cover work is supposed to be done sometime in October by famed Massimo Battaglia an Italian interior designer. He made concept works like the gymbot (featured in WIRED magazine) and the boompack ghetto blaster backpack.

Yeah I’m sorry about the newly edited book supposed to be here August 19th. Work has been diligent but a busy first semester, some time I had allotted to editing squandered, mass amount of book review requests on Book N Tech, and an unexpected staff resignation all have contributed to me spending less time on first book editing and second book writing and more time on school work, social media, and Book N Tech.

That’s about it hope you enjoyed the post!

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Bi Monthly Digest


    I know I am barely active on my blog here because well I have a lot to do and not much time for the blog here. So really so little happened it terms of mass numbers but I’ve crossed some milestones. 

100 Likes on FB page

55,000 words written on new novel and rapidly working on Operation Hammer

And almost 400 Twitter followers. 

Still working on a speedy re-release of Operation Hammer which will be followed by a week of the book being free on Amazon plus some blog coverages. Alright hope y’all have a good day out there!

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The Pixar Theory Timeline

This goes along (partially) with my Case for Characters post.

Jon Negroni

Pixar Theory TimelineSince the initial release of The Pixar Theory, there have been countless changes and updates to the Pixar Theory timeline. Since it can get a little complicated (and nutty), I put together a new and improved outline that follows the book and includes all of the recent and upcoming Pixar movies. Enjoy!

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Science Fiction is tomorrow’s reality

100 years ago the thought that you could go from New York to Chicago in several hours was inconceivable. If you said that man could fly 100 years ago you would be discredited as a lunatic. 50 years ago if you said you could watch a movie at your house that someone made across the globe instantly you would be considered insane. Unless you were a science fiction writer. Airplanes, YouTube, and many other commonplace luxuries people in first world countries have were yesterday’s science fiction today’s reality. The latest advance/craze/fad is 3-D printing and 3-D technology. It is pretty hard to believe that you could print out a wrench for example in mere minutes with a proverbial press of a button. Some have discounted the 3-D movement saying the hardware/software is too complicated for the average user. Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 just added 3-D printing ability natively leaving it up to an app maker to build an app that will let anyone make what they need out of plastic in a few minutes from the convenience of their home. What I’m saying here is: don’t discount science fiction as the mere rambling of senile people. It is a dream of the future of things possibly to come.

The Case for Characters

The Big Thing Studio



Many science fiction authors like yours truly try to make their characters come alive in books, and now social media. Now that might be hard to digest, a fictional character tweeting, messaging, or sending an e-mail in the real world. I originally was opposed to it when a fellow author did the same. Isn’t it just me (the author) talking through him? No, its not. People don’t realize what goes on in author’s minds. It’s not me talking through him, its my character’s personality that I created talking through me as a kind of middleman to the outside world. Obviously fictional characters aren’t real in a tangible way, but I try to make them as round and “real” as possible whether its in the pages of a book or on a social media site. 


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Bi Monthly Digest

Hello People!
Well I’ve decided to make a Monthly digest to let you know of future events etc and to increase the activity of the blog.
Operation Hammer Updates
I’ve slated for June 19th the second high revised edition of Operation Hammer to be available on Kindle and on Amazon in paperback.
Future Novel Updates
I am busy working on the second novel in ACS currently titled “Eat My Tail.” The novel is turning out very good and have some new covers that I would like to hear your feedback on.
Upcoming Events
No events have been planned for the month of June.
Social Media Update
Well we have seen a big spike in likes, comments, shares, RTs, and followers.
Facebook page Likes: 95
Twitter followers: 256
Google + communal members: 8