The things we learn in school

Whenever someone asks a teacher, “Can we work with a partner?” The hate filled response is, “NO! You have to learn for yourself. When you grow up no one will be there to help you when you work!” Since anyone 18 or younger is a second class citizen we just do our work as we are told like the good people we are. My question is, “Do we really work individually in the REAL world that we get lectured on so often?” Please show me some examples teachers that we work individually! Here are a few examples of teamwork

1) Writing – Of course I am going to bring up this one. Do you think James Patterson, James London, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were a one man show? Heck no! They had a team of editors, formatters, and plot doctors who made their books amazing. A good author always has an excellent editor.

2) Marketing – Have you ever heard of a one man marketing team? I haven’t. Companies, corporations, and authors all need a good marketing team not one person. Without a team most companies wouldn’t make awesome Super Bowl commercials.

3) Graphic Design – Beautiful websites, nice book covers, and mind blowing artwork all come in play in the age of computers. I know a few graphic designers like freelancers who go solo but a graphic design team of professionals can collaborate to make something cool awesome.

Shall I go on? Teachers are meant to teach us to do good in the school. Or are they?

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