The sad thing called Age Discrimination

Everyone plus the government engages in age discrimination one way or another.

Have you ever applied for a job, but was turned down because of your age? Have you ever even thought about the newest form of discrimination? I think not. Have you ever thought about some of the rights anyone under 18 are denied due to their age? If not let me refresh your memory.

1) Cannot sign a legally bonding contract.

2) Cannot hold a job depending on age and state.

3) Is required to go to school. (much as I dislike school on how it is set up it does make literate people)

4) Denied the right to vote.

5) Can’t pay taxes on income earned ( actually happy about that one).

And most likely more that I haven’t encountered. Do you as an American citizen agree with the way we are treated (specifically teens)? Many disagree with me saying, “Kids are kids and should ‘enjoy their childhood’.” Well how do I fully enjoy my childhood if I don’t have full privileges of an American citizen not a second class one?

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