Do men/women/trees need more “rights?”

Does men’s rights really exist? Do we need more “Civil Rights?”

I’ve been reading up on stuff on the net and been seeing a whole lot about men’s rights, women’s rights, even tree’s rights. I feel like everyone wants some kind of rights no matter what type of rights they are. People want same sex marriage, marriage to their dog or tree, or even a pillow! People want to do some real crazy things and have websites and random postings all over the internet about their rights. But do they really have a point? DO people really need more “rights?” I mean you can do whatever you want you can go marry your pillow with a women painted on it, but of course there are consequences. Like well your wife/husband can’t talk back to you. But what rights are people fighting for? Let me show you a few:

False Allegations in a case of a Divorce:

Apparently on the men’s rights website (not very pretty at that) they want more rights to fight false allegations made by their wife. Anyone from the men’s rights campaign please do tell, why is that a right for you to be protected from a false allegation? In court if it is false can’t you fight it? Justice may not be at its highest point these days, but the court of law lets you fight any allegation true or false.

Right to Exist:

This is from The Rights of Nature. That trees, ocean, and mountains have the right to live! Incredible isn’t it? 122,000 + people have decided that trees and other inanimate or non speaking animals have the right to exist and be essentially human beings. Would you like to make a legal battle against that tree in your backyard if it threatens to fall on your house or its roots pierce your plumbing? How would we know the wishes of the trees? Call me crazy, but this isn’t even near credible.

Same Sex Marriage:

One of the most controversial topics on the internet right now is same sex marriage. Should the LGBT community get their “Civil Rights?” You can ask most I am a Bible believing Christian and I say based on my Biblical beliefs that same sex marriage is wrong. Now do I hate anyone in the LGBT community? No! A common misconception is people think I hate them because I’m a Christian. No, I don’t agree with what you do, but as the great I mean great Dr. Martin Luther King Junior said, “I do not judge people on their color, but on the content of their character.” Now that goes for anyone. I only judge you on the content of your character.

The Verdict:

I only looked at 3 cases one per community, but so far all of the arguments for more “rights” have been unconvincing. If anyone represents any of these communities and would like to disprove any of my arguments I welcome you to. WE do have the right of free speech still.

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