Does/Should Science Fiction have limits?

ImageOn Saturday I was browsing through the Space Opera section of Amazon looking for a free novel to satisfy my space sci-fi fetish. After a purchase or two I ended up looking at a novel for $2.99 that had a shall I say “interesting” cover photo that well the aspect ratio was landscape instead of portrait. Anywho, the cover interested me even though the book had two stars. I mean sometimes people can be a bit harsh if they don’t like it. I read the summary and it sounded a bit jumbled for a book for $2.99, but out of curiosity I wanted to see what the people who bought it had to say. The most reoccurring theme was, “it went past the limits of science fiction.” That made me pause and think, “Since when did Science Fiction have limits?” The complaints were 1) Aliens promised the ability to communicate faster than light 2) You could think of something and it would be built no matter how big. To me one isn’t stretching it as bad as number two. Now good readers do YOU think Science Fiction should have limits or does it already?

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One thought on “Does/Should Science Fiction have limits?

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    I think it’s a silly question really. As our technology grows/changes/cultures evolve science fiction will take new forms…. Some might be overdone but who cares there will be others which do it better. As for self-publish kindle works that claim to “go beyond the limits” I’d suspect they are crud — there’s something about publishing in a sci-fi magazine before you self-publish an epic 8 volume novel series about the goobly gooble wars that goes BEYOND THE LIMITS… haha

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