Science Fiction is tomorrow’s reality

100 years ago the thought that you could go from New York to Chicago in several hours was inconceivable. If you said that man could fly 100 years ago you would be discredited as a lunatic. 50 years ago if you said you could watch a movie at your house that someone made across the globe instantly you would be considered insane. Unless you were a science fiction writer. Airplanes, YouTube, and many other commonplace luxuries people in first world countries have were yesterday’s science fiction today’s reality. The latest advance/craze/fad is 3-D printing and 3-D technology. It is pretty hard to believe that you could print out a wrench for example in mere minutes with a proverbial press of a button. Some have discounted the 3-D movement saying the hardware/software is too complicated for the average user. Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 just added 3-D printing ability natively leaving it up to an app maker to build an app that will let anyone make what they need out of plastic in a few minutes from the convenience of their home. What I’m saying here is: don’t discount science fiction as the mere rambling of senile people. It is a dream of the future of things possibly to come.


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