Humble Media Kit

Want to Feature a #BAWESOME author on your blog/website/etc?

Well here is your lucky day! Let me show you why you should choose mwah for your podcast, blog, or website.

The Series

Animal Conflict Series is a one of a kind book series filled with high action science fiction books based on animal characters that people can relate to. The books appeal to ages 14 and up featuring vivid depictions of epic stories with characters that jump out of the pages.

The Author

Ezekiel Carsella is not your ordinary teen. Obviously being an author is different enough, but his endeavors have led him to tech enthusiast perfection classifying him as a certified geek. As a fellow blogger and “average” human being he can easily relate to most problems.

The Facts

The facts are simple: if you do not have him on your show or blog you cannot achieve ultimate awesomeness. Below are some resources for you to contact the author, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and view a super handy PDF featuring some good talking points.

The Resources

Facebook Page


The Handy PDF

Operation Hammer – Sell Sheet


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