Operation Hammer

Operation Hammer cover

        Based on Historical Events in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, and historical sights and movies.  It uses the Anole a small green lizard found commonly in South Carolina down to Florida to fight the power of an evil ruling family who daily oppresses their subjects. The Anole resistance rises up in the age of Tech and is one of the few books with multiple characters with first person views. The only other one to my knowledge focusing on animals is one of my favorite series Warriors and Seekers by Erin Hunter. There is much difficulty and heart ache involved and will keep you on the end of your seat during the whole book.


In the midst of crisis true heroes are born. Steve Nole is a victim of heroism. In the middle of a rebellion he successfully works his way up from a battalion leader to Commander under insurmountable odds. Still, victories are never without hardships. Steve Nole’s army encounters a belligerent dictator’s armies in fierce battle. They fight legendary creatures previously known and unknown to the modern world and protect others from their wake. Then when the war is over the fledgling nation has to fight a different battle. They have to restructure their society after being controlled by a  Communist dictatorship, but not everyone in the government is on the right side. A massive riot breaks out in the capitol and 3 heroes: Pascale, Scottie, and James have to get to the bottom of the rebellion in order to ‘nip it in the bud’. If they succeed they save the entire nation. If they fail then the country they fought to build will be destroyed.


Released on Smashwords for $1.99. (e-book)

Released on Kindle for $2.99. (e-book)

Released on Createspace  for $10.00. (paperback)

Released on Amazon for $9.00. (paperback)

Released on Barnes & Noble for $9.07 (paperback) and $1.99 (ebook)

Released on Books A Million for $10.00 (paperback)

Released on Flipkart (India) for Rs 650 (paperback)

Available on IndieBound 

Available on Scribd

Available on iBooks and Oyster in their respective apps


For reviewers please download from NoiseTrade.
Other Channels will be updated as they come thanks to making it into the Smashwords Premium Catalog. These include (Kobo, Blio, etc) Also physical paperback channels will be updated as we find where CreateSpace’s Extra Distribution channels lead.

Dogs, Cats and the future of Humanity (due out in 2014)

Dogs, Cats, Future of Humanity cover

     A full fledged science fiction/ steampunk space novel Eat My Tail is going to be  a 70,000 ~~ word novel featuring animal vs. human conflict. Like in Operation Hammer it uses multiple perspectives but in this case also features humans.


The War of all Pets was fought crowning the Hamsters #1 pet of Earth. Dogs and Cats were exiled to a donut shaped planet for a 1000 years because of their failure to win the war. On the planet Dogs and cats still meet in conflict but when a small research group finds the core was losing energy everything changes. Hamsters threaten to destroy all the humans with their new findings of a super powerful bomb and now plan to destroy the cats and dogs as well. Humans, dogs, and cats work together to fight hamsters and Inter dimensional Creatures (aliens) in the fight of the century to determine the fate of humanity.


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