Short Stories

The Day the Earth Shook

One day an egg was laid and forgotten. Its mother left it alone under a blanket of dirt. But the blanket was too thin and the water turned into mud forcing the egg to the surface. The egg rolled and tumbled landing in the middle of the forest. The forest was not a good place for an egg to be. The egg tumbled into a really big river. The egg was eyed by many but missed. The egg finally arrived at the end of the river but was rescued by a large stork. The stork dropped off the egg in a large field dominated by herbivores much unlike the young Dino in the egg. They largely ignored the egg, or more like protected it. Days passed which turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and then a day when the herd was about to move the creature in the egg started piping. The leader of the herd decided to wait and see what the egg would be. A few hours later a small velociraptor crawled out of the shell. He wanted to destroy it but realized it was pretty helpless. So he started the herd to move in the opposite direction. The raptor kept clinging to him and screaming pitifully. He realized he could not support the young fellow and suddenly felt sorry for him. His second instinct told him to ditch him on the side of the road in case he tried to kill the younglings. In his jaws he gently picked him up and placed him in a field nearby with his massive neck. The raptor fell asleep and the herd moved along eventually putting enough time between them and the youngling. He looked to the sky to see a large fireball rushing at the earth. He panicked running for cover in the forest.

The raptor woke up in a different world. The area was full of smoke and fog with a lot of dead dinosaurs. He instinctively started eating one. Another dinosaur much like him was doing the same thing. He realized it was his mother. “MA MA!” he ran over to her. She recognized her son who she had looked for and nuzzled him. She taught him the skills he needed to survive. She even had to adapt her skills to the new environment. So he found a herd of other raptors and joined to increase his chances of survival. Soon he was the head of the pack and very busy. He soon found a beautiful mate. Then, one day an egg was laid but forgotten.

Empire State of Disaster



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