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Bi Monthly Digest


I hope y’all are getting used to these because I have next to no time to publish actually good blog posts. Anyways the menial stats update along with some very fresh and exciting news!

107 likes on Facebook (growth is better than none right?)

760 followers on Twitter (I think the 800 level is hard to hit).

Now for the really exciting stuff:

Operation Hammer has been described as, “A short science fiction novel, filled to the brims with fast pace action, diverse characters, mythical creatures and present day technology.” by the good folks over at Online Book Club.
It looks like we are available in many online bookstores thanks to CreateSpace and SmashWords.

Also just a few minutes ago I sent the first draft of Dogs, Cats, and Future of Humanity off to the editor! I’m so excited to be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel for my second full length novel! No release dates are set but we are looking forward to an April release.

That’s all for this digest but thank you so much for reading!


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